Has Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice opened at United Square, Singapore?

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

No it hasn’t as of today. The area (formerly Swensens) is still boxed up.

Walking over to its original location at Novena Ville (across Novena Church), I found that the stall there was still open. It’s last day is on 7 April, after which it will move to its new location at United Square.

Update (9 April 2013): Many thanks to a reader of the blog who posted in the comments below. Apparently the outlet at United Square is still under renovations, but Wee Nam Kee Novena is taking orders for takeaway, even if their Novena Ville outlet is closed.


  1. i'd like to know too says:

    Thanks for your informative blog which I stumbled upon when looking for an answer to this question. Just an update for your readers — I’ve just called WNK up. They’ve stopped operating from Novena Ville but have not begun operations at United Square, as the store is still being renovated. WNK Novena is still taking orders for takeaway, though.

  2. Ng Min Chum Gordon says:

    Sadly still closed last week

    • asksgguy says:

      Thank you for the update Gordon!

      The Wee Nam Kee Facebook page says it will be open in May. There is still no official announcement on the exact date yet though…

      • hungry says:

        Hi sgguy, I am hunting for the Hong Kong Street Chun Kee Restaurant that was in the same complex as Wee Nam Kee in Novena Ville. Missing the food!

        Do you or your readers happen to know where it is located now, or contact number?

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